Pyro Supplies

Wireless Control

4 channel cue remote firing system. Programmable firework receiver and remote

$50.00 ea.

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  • Latest/newest 3rd generation receivers; compatible with older generations
  • Fully Programmable;┬áprogram 1 or all 4 channels on the receiver to the same or different cue – endless possibilities
  • Expandable; add receivers as you grow or simply replace damaged receivers
  • Firing capacity; (1-2) Talon type consumer igniter or (5-6) e-match display igniters per cue
  • Includes 4 x 1M e-match igniters
  • Includes 4 x “AA” batteries and 1 23A 12V battery
  • Includes instructions booklet
e match 2

1 M Electronic Match

$0.99 ea.

In Stock - 100

Professional ematch firework igniter for electrically igniting fireworks. These firework igniters can be used with any firework firing system.

Visco Fuse

Green Visco Fuse

1 M - $4.50
3 M - $12.00
5 M - $19.00

In Stock

Visco fuse is a high-quality fuse used for consumer fireworks

talon 1
talon 2

1 M Talon Igniter

$1.25 ea.

In Stock - 100

Talon Igniters are safe and reliable alternative to a conventional electric match. They work with virtually all firing systems.

Masking Tape

3M Concrete Masking Tape
(24mm x 55M)

$3.50 ea

In Stock - 20

Used to connect fuses together and to connect electronic matches to fuse to ensure ignition. This tape repels moisture.